Can a box cake really taste like it is homemade?

Hello Pinterest Friends,

We have all seen this pin numerous times- make a cake box taste like it’s homemade. For this pin test, I decided to make 2 cakes: one following the box instructions and one following the pin’s instructions. I was able to draw upon that biology major I so rarely use  from college (sorry mom and dad) to conduct this very scientific experiment. I used the same mixer, pan, oven, and temperature for making both cakes keeping the variables the same (mom and dad- I did learn something from that biology degree!). For a quick test, I tasted both the batters and definitely liked the pinterest recipe better. After baking, I was surprised that the pinterest recipe did not rise as well as the box (that could have been my error though). For the results portion of the experiment, I conducted a blind taste test for my lucky and enthusiastic participants. The results were unanimous in favor of the pinterest recipe cake box.  The participants thought the pinterest recipe tasted more moist, had a better flavor and a better texture than the cake box recipe.

Cake Box Test

Here is the recipe from Fabulessly Frugal (the only change I would make next time is not to double the butter):


Look at the directions on the cake mix box and make these changes:

-add one more egg (or add two additional if you want it to be really rich)
-double the oil amount, but substitute melted butter instead of oil
-use milk instead of water


Ratings: (out of 5 daisies)

Ingredients Needed: Easy to find


Total Time: No difference in time between the cake box and pinterest recipe


Difficulty Level: Easy

Recommend to Friends? Yes

Overall Rating: Tastes better than the box but not quite homemade



Pinterest Friends- have you tried this recipe with different results?  Would you try it in the future?


  1. So how many eggs total did you use for the experiment? Large or extra large eggs?

  2. This box called for 3 eggs so I used 4 large eggs. Hope the recipe works for you!

  3. Can’t wait for you to make this cake for us this weekend since you learned so much from that Biology degree!!

  4. Interesting that this recipe came from Fabulously Frugal yet the cost would be higher than the box recipe due to the extra egg and butter…hmmm. Thanks for testing this!

    • I think they were thinking that making tweaks to the cake mix would cost less than having a bakery make the cake. Thanks for checking out the post!

  5. The site looks great Carla!

  6. Good to know this! Thanks Carla!

  7. Why would you not use butter next time?

    • Sorry! I meant double the butter.

      • Hi Gina, I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to double the butter to get the taste. I think the oil in the cake box cake made it taste more processed though. I would like to try it again and keep the butter amount the same as the box recipe to see if that would change the flavor. It is on my list of recipes to try and I will share the results with everyone. Thanks for your question!

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