Pinterest Summer Bucket List

Hello Pinterest Friends,

It is almost summer so I have been seeing the summer fun lists all over Pinterest.  Some of those lists stress me out!  How can anyone do 100 things with their kiddos over the summer?  Not me, that is for sure.  We are more hang out by the pool people not do something new everyday people.  I think it can be a good idea though if done reasonably.  I found a free printable pin for a Summer Bucket List with a sand bucket- how cute is that!

I hung the bucket on our refrigerator so we could write ideas on it as we think of them.  I asked Sophie (6 years old) for her ideas and she, of course, would like to do a lemonade stand and make ice cream.  Sounds good to me!

summer bucket list 3

We have 7 ideas so far and I think 10-15 items is a reasonable amount for us to do this summer.

summer bucket list             summer bucket list2


A fancy Pinterest printable is also not necessary.  Last summer, I made our list in Microsoft Word and hung it on the fridge.

summer fun list


Has anyone made a summer bucket list?  What are some ideas on your list?

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Here is the link to the bucket printable:



  1. I love how honest you are about not wanting to do 100 things with your kiddos this summer (I with ya’ sistah!) If we can do a few out of the ordinary activities, we’ll be good. Summer is so full of fluctuating schedules between swimming lessons and camps and mission trips, oh my! Thanks for linking up at Pin It Tuesday!

  2. What a wonderful idea! This will be our to-do this weekend.

    Stopping by from Pin It Tuesday :)

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